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META Z was born in the market to innovate, and we are still thinking about it as you read this.

Starting with CyberWave, the first “Web3 Social Strategy Game” oriented project in the P2E industry, we continue to envision what exciting innovations can be created through the blockchain decentralization protocol.
In modern society, technological innovation is simply innovation that takes place on a centralized platform centered on companies. We were able to observe the ways in which corporations could degenerate in modern society in the process of implementing such an environment.
Since then, Bitcoin has appeared in the world as the world's first cryptocurrency and a tool for financial innovation, and over the past five years, capital has been concentrated on the blockchain. And a new business environment based on decentralization, an unprecedented new system, has been established.
Many users yearning for the irrationality of giant corporations, capital, and finance were attracted by the concept of decentralization and entered the decentralized industry. The advancement of the Defi business and NFT, in particular, has been visible during the last 1-2 years.
META Z has come to the following conclusion in this regard: In the already advanced web 2.0 market, new inventions are harder to come by.
Yet, in the decentralized web 3.0 market, where industry-wide innovation is enabled by blockchain, the innovation may not be too far away.
META Z was born in the midst of these developments to attempt its best to establish an environment that can give new services to clients by applying the innovation that Meta Z is capable of.
This is the type of innovation META Z desires
On the globe, there are various innovations with different purposes.
By focusing on user comfort and technology, Apple is driving continual innovation in mobile/PC services. Khan Academy transformed the sphere of knowledge provision by offering free online university lectures to people all over the world. Grameen Bank pioneered the microfinance model to revolutionize the lending market for the poor in developing countries. Bitcoin questioned the absurdity of the financial structure and innovated it with cryptocurrency with a limited issue.
On the other side, META Z's innovation is solely for innovation, with no noble objective, vision, or feeling of authority. In the lack of a clear aim, META Z was created with the intention of breaking away from the superficial limits, breaking the existing logic, and achieving unprecedented innovation. Like the era of western action unfolding on blockchain technology, META Z is working more gladly and like geeks to continue the innovation that can astonish the world in today's blockchain industry.


Important Values for META Z team

We're working to make the world's most stunning innovations bolder and more agile than anyone else.

META Z aspires to expand by the following vision: Boldness | Do not restrict to breaking the rules with boldness Agility | Being systematically agile and closely moving allows for quick execution. Creativity | Unparalleled ingenuity to generate unprecedented system innovation while gaining support from the public.

1. Bold Work Style

META Z is subordinate to web3.0 or decentralization, and while attempting not to lose sight of its core business, we agree with the overall ethics achieved through respect for each object at the heart of the decentralized spirit and transparent information sharing.
META Z respects the opinions of each member like DAO members, and based on this, seeks to pursue the spirit of 'Trustless Trust' rather than 'Trust over Proof'. ‘Trustless Trust’ comes from the organization structure. If you look at the blocks of the blockchain, transaction details are transparently disclosed. As such, we need a structure that emphasizes transparency even without effort, and does not require the energy of trust to be expended.
As a result, MetaZ strives not to impose any limitations on its members' working environment, working hours, or utilization plans. Furthermore, we minimize involvement in performance as long as it is secured, while also making our work structure very transparent, resulting in a framework in which performance can be trusted before being questioned. Transparent work methods and reward mechanisms, such as blockchain, are at the heart of MetaZ's culture.

2. Rapid Execution

META Z actively reflects current trends while remaining nimble and pursuing actionable advice that may be adopted immediately.
Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin and Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson had similar goals, but there is a big difference in the way they do it.
Whereas Charles Hoskinson "Pursue sophisticated perfection rather than following on popularity.", Vitalik Buterin is known for focusing on "Quick execution of business rather than perfection."
META Z appreciates both inventors' viewpoints, but agrees with the Ethereum spirit more. META Z aspires to be able to build a formula for success that is built on diverse thought, numerous efforts, and rapid execution within it.

3. Excellent Creativity

Not only will META Z be popular enough to keep up with the times, but it will also surprise everyone by opening up a fresh concept like never before.
Blockchain and Web3.0 have had an unprecedented industry-wide impact. The blockchain environment we are currently dealing with is an economy in which new business things appear and then vanish the next day, rather than every month or week.
META Z sees this dynamic environment as an opportunity, and within it will be reborn as a company that can leave a footprint on the world with geeky ideas that will surprise people.

The goals and direction of META Z

All of these have significance in bringing about innovation.

META Z is looking for active and creative talents who can voluntarily update information on their own, identify new trends, and suggest interesting projects in the midst of various innovations led by blockchain.
If you are any of the following, you may be a good match for us.
People who are trend-conscious
People who want to innovate
People who are concerned about the growth
People who are not afraid of destruction
People who reject old way of thinking

Work should be fun, right?

"Fun" is a key work value that the team META Z aims for!
Every day, we start with a heart-pounding idea and consider the new influence it will have on the community and the public. And, above all, we respect individual "Freedom" in order to have this kind of thinking. Without hesitation, we discuss diverse views and ideas and put them into action with our brilliant team members.
Instead of real job titles and names, META Z uses nicknames.
We seek to create a work environment in which there is no sense of authority in the position, to convey respect for one another through the use of a respectful tone inside the organization, and to create a gentle and formal work environment.




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